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Case Knives ~ 125th Anniversary!

Case knives celebrates 125th anniversary

BRADFORD, PA: W.R. Case & Sons Cutlery Co. is coming to the Museum of Appalachia (Norris, TN), Saturday, August 16 from 7 a.m.-3 p.m.

W.R. Case & Sons Cutlery Company, an American manufacturer of premium quality knives, proudly celebrates 125 years of award-winning hand-craftsmanship, small-town heritage and time-honored tradition. The company’s rich history began in 1889 when the four Case Brothers began fashioning knives and selling them along a wagon trail in Upstate New York. Like each knife manufactured at the Case factory, the 125th landmark is a testament to the hundreds of dedicated artisans who have helped Case knives reach the moon, the White House and into the hearts of famous dignitaries, soldiers and celebrities throughout history. Case’s focus on quality is evident in the 125 pairs of hands that it takes to create just one knife. The company’s commitment to American hand-crafting is part of a work ethic that resonates with the countless hard-working Americans who have made giving Case knives part of a family tradition that spans generations.

“The 125th Anniversary milestone is proof of this company’s resilience and we look forward to celebrating a new era at Case Cutlery with Case collectors, fans and employees,” said John Sullivan, Director of Marketing, W.R. Case & Sons Cutlery Company. “We’ve prevailed for 125 years, through times where much of the knife industry was in a state of flux. We’re proud to be one of the nation’s leading manufacturers and are fully committed to retaining our brand’s position as the frontrunner in traditional, hand-crafted knives.”

This is Case’s opportunity to give new fans and dedicated members of the Case Collectors Club an unforgettable experience. The 125th Anniversary Celebration will give Club members and guests the chance to greet old friends, meet some new ones, share stories and experiences of Case knife collecting, see lots of Case knives, and maybe even find a few to take home.

Pre-registered participants attending the event are eligible to preregister to receive 1 of just 200 limited-edition Case 125th Anniversary Reunion Commemorative CopperLock® knives.

Other events going on during the Tennessee event:
Collector Knife Swap
Grand Collectors Auction
Case Junior Academy
Autograph signings
Bubba Gum Blowing Contest
Case Knife Sharpening and Polishing
Knife Appraisals
Apple Pealing Contest
Collector Trading

To further this commitment, Case Cutlery’s parent company, Zippo Manufacturing Company, is investing nearly $10 million toward renovating their Bradford, Pa., factory. The renovations, which are currently underway and expected to finish by the end of 2015, include a complete remodeling of the Case Cutlery factory that was originally constructed in 1975, including new equipment and floor configurations that will allow better efficiency, productivity and quality without affecting the hand-craftsmanship that goes into every Case knife. The company’s current location is its third manufacturing facility in Bradford since 1905.

An updated approach to more efficient manufacturing has successfully landed more Case knives into more retail stores. In addition to the more than 2,000 Case Authorized Dealers across the country that regularly carry Case knives, popular outdoor-themed chains like Cabela’s, Bass Pro, Field & Stream, Dick’s Sporting Goods, Tractor Supply Stores, Sportsman’s Warehouse, REI, Academy Sports + Outdoors and Costco are also recognizing the value-added sales that Case knives bring within a small retail footprint. Case knives are also sold online through Case-exclusive e-tailers and on Amazon.com.

knife 1Case products range from the classic patterns like the Case Trapper, Stockman, Peanut and Tiny Toothpick that are meant for everyday use to collectables, mint sets and commemoratives that adorn man caves and living room walls across America.

“Zippo acquired W.R. Case & Sons Cutlery Company in 1993 and we are very proud of what we have been able to achieve in the last 20 years by bringing these two iconic brands together,” said Greg Booth, CEO, Zippo/W.R. Case & Sons Cutlery Company. “With Case, our current focus is on improving efficiency, which we hope to achieve with this new investment, and drive future innovation and new product development.”

With a refurbished outlook on the future, Case looks towards an increased ability to revive classic styles and create new designs. Case is planning to roll out a World War II V-42 Stiletto reproduction model in 2015, an idea that’s been highly anticipated by America’s servicemen and women as well as Case collectors. Case knives and the American military have gone hand-in-hand for decades, as far back as World War I, when the U.S. government called on Case to make military knives for American servicemen and women. Later, during World War II, Case manufactured the first-ever V-42 Stiletto, issued to the legendary First Special Service Force (1st SSF, aka Devil’s Brigade).

In addition, Case’s future plans include working with leaders from the custom knife market like the legendary Tony Bose, who will help Case launch the 2015 Case collaborative Cattleman’s Knife. Case has worked with Tony and other industry master craftsmen for years to offer fans, collectors and enthusiasts “closest-to-custom” knife designs they might not otherwise be able to obtain.

While new designs for everyday use and traditional favorites for outdoor enthusiasts spur its climbing sales growth, Case’s collectability, seasonal editions and licensing agreements continue to help drive year-over-year growth. Case’s collectability is attributed to the unique tang stamp dating system that was introduced during the company’s infancy. Using this system, today’s collectors can easily identify and ascertain the manufacturing date of almost any Case knife, thereby raising the knives’ intrinsic value. The brand’s popularity is further underscored by the knives it manufactures under licensing agreements with popular American icons such as Harley-Davidson®, Boy Scouts of America®, United States Marine Corps®, Ducks Unlimited®, John Deere™, John Wayne® (Wayne Enterprises) and Matt Hughes.

The Rich History of W.R. Case & Sons Cutlery Company

1886-1930: The Case family pioneered much of the development of early American knife manufacturing and aided in the creation of eleven different knife companies which sprung up in Western New York & Western PA. Some of the more famous names include: Case Brothers Cutlery Co., Cattaraugus Cutlery Co., and Crandall Cutlery Co.
1905: Russell Case, founder of W.R. Case & Sons Cutlery Co., relocates his headquarters and manufacturing from Little Valley, NY to Bradford, PA.
1914: Russell Case purchases the now famous Tested XX trademark.
1930’s:  Case provided throwing knives for Barnum & Bailey circus acts. The ‘Greatest Show on Earth’ first toured America in 1888.
1942: Case releases the V-42 Stilleto to the first U.S. Special Forces (aka the Devil’s Brigade).
1953: 1961: While in the White House, Dwight D. Eisenhower regularly bought Case knives to give as gifts to dignitaries and friends. Years later, Case presented a custom hunting knife to our nation’s 40th President and Case enthusiast, Ronald Reagan.
1965: Case broke through the stratosphere when a Case survival knife accompanied astronauts on the Gemini III mission. The ‘M-1’ design would later accompany astronauts on all Gemini and Apollo missions thereafter.
1981: Case forms the Case Collectors Club, the largest association of knife collectors in the world. The Club currently boasts 19,000 members.
1993: Zippo Manufacturing Co. purchases W.R. Case & Sons Cutlery Co.
2005: A 1920’s-era Case Congress Knife broke a world auction record for sale of a factory made knife with a winning bid of $14,300 in Pigeon Forge, Tennessee.
For more information on W.R. Case & Sons Cutlery Company, and for a list of retailers, please visit www.wrcase.com.

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Supplies You Should Gather For Your Next Wilderness Adventure

When it comes to gathering supplies for your next wilderness adventure one of the most important survival gear items you should pack is a solid knife.  When it comes to choosing a solid survival knife there are seven key elements you should look into before making a purchase.
The first element to consider is the knife tang.  A knife tang is the part of the knives blade that extends down into the handle.  Knives that are full tang are considered the highest quality of knives.  A full tang means that the tang goes to the base of the handle.  Full tang knives offer support and extra strength to the knife. Be careful with cheaper knives that are not full tang as they have the potential to break off if too much strain is put on the knife.
Another important factor when it comes to purchasing a survival knife is the knives handle.  Knife handles vary a great deal from hard rubber to bone.  Avoid purchasing a survival knife that doubles as a storage container, compass, time piece or anything other than a knife.  The knife handle should be solid, hollow knifes are not appropriate to carry when it comes to a knife that could possibly be needed in a life and death situation.
Consider the metal that the blade is made from.  Popular options include stainless steel and carbon steel.  Many survivalists have a preference but truly this comes down to what you are most comfortable with.  Stainless steel is a nice knife blade metal option because it is basically indestructible.  The main complaint is that stainless steel blades tend to lose their edge more quickly than their carbon steel counterpoints.  Although the blade will stay sharper longer with carbon steel be sure to note that carbon steel is more volatile and is quicker to rust especially when used in the elements.
The blade design is another option that you will have a choice in when deciding what survival knife to pack in your outdoor survival kit.  There are three options to choose from; straight blade, serrated blade or a combination of the two.  This is a personal preference and will be best determined based on how you are going to use the knife.  Straight blades are easier to sharpen however serrated blades are better at ripping through tough materials.
Look into different length blades when purchasing a survival knife.  The average range will fall between six to twelve inches and is completely personal choice.  This keeps the knife in an easy to use and carry size. Anything larger than this and it becomes difficult to carry and use effectively.
Purchase a knife blade that is between 3/16 and 4/16 thickness.  Any less than that and you will have flexing in your knife blade.  Purchase a knife that the blade is thick enough that it does not allow for flex and that will be solid enough to withstand the abuse it will take if it is needed to chop wood or be used for prying.
When looking for survival knives consider the knife sheath.  There are three attachments to carry the knife on your person or that allow the knife and blade to be stored safely within a backpack.  A lower attachment straps the knife to your leg or backpack via a hole or attachment piece.  Survival knives can also be carried via a sheath that attaches around your belt or a lanyard attachment as well as a crossover strap.  Consider the most comfortable method to carry your survival knife that also allows for ease of access.  You never know what situation you will fall into when exploring on your next wilderness adventure.
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Camping While Exploring The Great Outdoors

Great adventures find us throughout life.  One of the most thrilling experiences that a person can have is to become one with nature.  This experience is different for each individual person.  Some find their adventure in the water, some on a trail hiking, others backpacking alone in the hills of foreign lands while some prefer to take in wilderness sitting in a flower garden in their yard.  No matter how you choose to connect to the world around you it goes uncontested that connecting with nature is a personal experience unique to each of us.
One way many people choose to connect with nature while including time with family is through camping.  The camping experience is once again something that varies from person to person, family to family and situation to situation.  For some camping means really roughing it; slinging a backpack on their back and heading into the great outdoors with nothing more than a few essential survival tools to assist in the adventure.  Some prefer modern camping in a luxury recreational vehicle where everything is at your finger tips as far as convenience.  Some prefer something in between the two.
When it comes to middle of the row camping which is what most of us are familiar with there are a few basic things that are essential to creating a perfect outing for you and your family to explore the good ole outdoors.  No matter what climate, terrain or environment you are exploring one necessity of camping is shelter.  The most common form of camping shelter is in the form of a tent.  A waterproof, sturdy tent will supply you a safe place away from the natural elements to allow your body to rest.
Along with a tent you will want to bring along some basic comforts such as sleeping bags and cooking supplies.  Also consider some camping basics such as a pocket knife, boots to hike in, fishing and hunting supplies, flashlights, food, water purification, waterproof matches and a basic first aid kit.  You really don’t need to go overboard in bringing supplies along because believe it or not the wilderness will provide you everything you need. Travel as light as possible so that instead of worrying about camping gear you can take the time you have to really soak in and enjoy what the natural world around us has to offer.
Whatever your next great wilderness adventure keep the focus on what is truly important.  It isn’t the fancy camping gear but the thrill of exploration and enjoying your time with Mother Nature that is significant.
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Essentials In Outdoor Survival Gear

With summer upon us the camping supplies come out!  With the camping supplies come the adventures the warm sun and summer breeze brings out.  With every camping trip and backpacking adventure the need to be prepared is always amongst us.  When it comes to packing for your outdoor adventures one can never be too careful.  Wilderness survival gear should be packed using great care; every adventurer should realize that there are extreme risks involved when it comes to the unknown that the outdoors brings with it.

When it comes to packing for an adventure the most important thing is that you are prepared for the unexpected.  Make the right choices when it comes to survival equipment as it may be the difference between life and death on your next camping excursion.  With the wide variety of survival gear available how does an inexperienced camper know what to bring on their first great adventure?  What is important verse what becomes a waste of space within your backpack?

The first thing any outdoor adventurer should do is to create a list of what is needed on where they are going, what they are doing and how they are getting there.  Different climates, as well as different terrains will call for a mix of different outdoor wilderness needs. This should be obvious; the desert needs different preparations than would a rain forest.

Some things that are needed no matter what the terrain or climate and should be in every pack include the basics such as fuel for a fire, a compass or other navigational tool, a way to purify water and a knife to assist in building a shelter.

Fire is needed for many reasons no matter what climate you are backpacking in.  Not only is fire a good source of heat but it is also important for lighting, cooking and possible water purification.  Consider purchasing slow burning fire sticks, magnesium fire starters, flint or waterproof matches. These are all great sources that will allow fire to be created and sustained in a variety of climates.

A compass or other navigational tools such as GPS or paper maps are important when exploring territory that is unknown or new to you.  When looking to purchase a compass be sure it is easy to use.  GPS systems are great tools that can be used to not only track the environment you are in but also used to track and identify where you are.  This feature often requires a subscription.  When it comes to a low tech gadget that will direction a compass is the best bet for backpacking adventures.

A system to purify water is also essential in outdoor adventures.  The human body can only be without water for between three days and one week.  Water is needed for the body to survive.  When you are lost in the wilderness the last thing you need is to become sick and dehydrated from drinking contaminated water.  Purchase water purification tablets and purification straws are without a doubt one of the most important items that should be contained within your survival pack.

For food and building shelter a knife is also an item that should be carried on any outdoor adventure no matter how long or short the adventure is scheduled to be.  Even the shortest of trips have been known to take a wrong turn into unexpected territory.  Be prepared for anything every time you camp or back pack into territory that is unique to you.

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