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Holiday Gifts For Men

Christmas is only a few weeks away and so is the stress that comes along with shopping for the men in our lives.  We want to purchase gifts that our loved ones will enjoy and thoroughly use but sometimes are not familiar with exactly what that is.  Here are some things to consider when choosing a gift for the man in your life.

Slippers and Pajamas
Looking to purchase a gift that screams rest and relaxation?  Buy your man some cozy pajamas, slippers and perhaps even a new pillow and snuggle blanket. Nothing says I love you more than a night off.  Giving pajamas is a great way to provide that for your husband.

For The Golfer
A perfect gift for your golfer is not a new pair of clubs, not a new golf club cover and not a new pair of golf shoes.  The best gift is some new and improved golf balls along with an unlimited gold pass to his favorite go to golf course.  If looking for something more affordable consider the purchase of an unlimited driving range and putting course.

Sports Enthusiast
If your mate is a sports junkie consider purchasing him a season ticket package to his favorite local sports team.  Season passes don’t have to include the entire season; you can purchase tickets to only a few select games.  Bundling them in a package often makes this an affordable gift option.

Bottle of Specialty Alcohol
A bottle of imported scotch or whiskey is the perfect gift for someone who enjoys sipping on an exclusive beverage ever now and again.  Depending on where the gift recipient is from may help you decide where to purchase the beverage from.

For the Hairy Man
A new electric razor, an old fashion straight razor or a beard trimmer is an ideal gift for any man.  Every man needs to shave or trim every once and again.  The luxury of a reputable razor is something that we fall short on when it comes to buying it for ourselves.  These are items that make perfect gifts.

Knives, Machetes and More
Whether your man is an outdoors adventurer, a chef or just a handyman a new knife is a terrific gift to receive.  All you need to know is your target audience and you will find a knife made especially for them.  If your husband loves to cook it may be more beneficial to purchase a cutlery set over a survival knife.  The opposite is true as well.  If you have a hunter or fisherman it is best to purchase a fixed blade knife that is designed especially for use outdoors.

Christmas gift shopping for the men in your life doesn’t need to be overly difficult or stressful.  Focus on what you hope they will get out of your gift and go from there.  If you are looking for relaxation find a gift that is relevant to that.  However if you are looking to bring him adventure find a gift that makes it impossible to escape some fun and exploration. is an online retailer specializing in a variety of specialty knives including top brands such as Zero Tolerance, Boker Tree Knives, W.R. Case Knives and more.  For more information or to purchase a variety of knives online find us at

The Best Christmas Gifts For Men

Christmas is right around the corner and excitement is filling the air.  The season all about giving is magical, yet a bit tricky when it comes to shopping for the men on your list.  Women can shop for other women with no problem at all but when it comes to finding a gift that will be perfect for the men in their lives they seem to fall short.  Men don’t want candles, lotion, shoes or anything to do with the home.  They want manly gifts.  Below are a few perfect gifts for every type of man on your list from the outdoorsman to the tech geek.

GPS Navigational System
Men hate asking for directions and would drive around, out of their way for hours and hours just to avoid asking for directions.  A GPS is a map in disguise.  GPS navigational systems are the perfect gift for every man on your list, especially those who are directionally challenged and too stubborn to stop for directions.

Digital Camera
A new digital camera makes a great gift for any man.  New fathers, old grandfathers, hunters, fishers and tech geeks; every man will enjoy having a camera to capture life moments that are occurring all around them.  Digital cameras offer higher quality photos then camera phones and the functions they provide are quite remarkable.  Photography is a hobby that all men will enjoy especially when they get the hang of all the nifty gadgets and tricks behind the new camera.

Cordless Tool Kit
What man on this great Earth doesn’t love power tools?  And what is better than power tools, cordless power tools are! A battery operated cordless tool kit is something that all men can use.  Find a set that includes a cut-off tool, hammer drill, impact driver, reciprocating saw, circular saw and a flexible flood light.  Power tools aren’t just a gift for him.  In reality they are a gift for you as well.  A cordless tool kit will keep him busy and out of your way for hours at a time.

Pocket knives, kitchen cutlery, survival knives; the list of what men want when it comes to knives is clearly endless.  You cannot go wrong when you shop online to add to your husband’s collection of knife and tools.  If you want something that is a bit more unusual check out a machete or kukri.  With a gift like this you are sure to surprise the special men in your life.

High Definition Television
A television is a great gift for any man and you are sure to have the happiest man in the world if you buy him a large high definition television.  Buy one with crisp picture quality and high resolution and watch your man smile from ear to ear watching the next big football game. is an online retailer specializing in a variety of specialty knives including top brands such as Zero Tolerance, Boker Tree Knives, W.R. Case Knives and more.  For more information or to purchase a variety of 
knives online find us at

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Unique Holiday Gift Giving Guide

Christmas time is one of the most exciting and dreaded times of the year for all of us.  How many times it is your intentions to purchase something that is perfect for the ones you love but somehow you always feel you have fallen short?  Do you sit there Christmas morning watching all the intricately wrapped gift boxes open feeling a sense of dread when it comes time for them to open yours?  This year don’t be that gift giver.  You don’t have to be the giver that gets the courteous, "Thank you" when you have given yet another gift they hate.  This year purchase something that is useful and something almost everyone wants; purchase a knife online for them.

Some of you may be thinking there is no way you are getting Grandma a knife for Christmas but what you are forgetting is that there are a number of styles and options when it comes to giving knives as a gift.  Even Grandma’s love new cutlery.  It is important that when shopping online for knives that you think about the need the gift will fill and buy accordingly.  Knives and multi-tools are the best gifts to be given no matter what time of year but especially on Christmas.

Knives are useful which makes them a perfect gift.  Consider all the useless gifts you get year after year; another set of cuff links does no body any good and neither do those trinkets we get that collect dust all year.  Knives are something that are useful every day of the year.  There are thousands of ways that a knife can be used depending on the style you choose to purchase.  Pocket knives are handy to be carried everywhere.  They are helpful in opening letters, boxes as well as snipping strings and essentially a thousand other everyday tasks.  Knives can also be purchase for pure entertainment purposes as seen with throwing knives.

When you purchase a knife is can easily be personalized which is always nice when are giving a gift.  How many times do you receive a gift only later realizing you have no idea where it came from? Inject some meaning into your gifts by engraving them with a personalized message.

Many gifts that are given at the holiday are not unique nor special.  Socks, blankets, candles, lotion and more Christmas decorations are the opposite of useful or unique. Knives are a unique gift that is sure to surprise anyone from an outdoorsman to women to responsible teens.  A knife is unexpected and a present that will last and be useful for an entire life time.

Think about the classis Swiss Army knife you received as a gift all those years ago.  It is a classic that you have carried and treasured, possibly handing it down now to the next generation.  This is the type of gift giving that means the most during the holiday seasons.  With online shopping it has never been easier to find a knife for every gift recipient on your list. is an online knife retailer specializing in a variety of specialty knives including top brands such as Zero Tolerance, Boker Tree Knives, W.R. Case Knives and more.  For more information or to purchase a variety of knives online find us at

Knives Make Excellent Christmas Gifts For Everyone

When it comes to buying Christmas gifts for your outdoorsman how many of you come up empty handed?  Buying something unique for him is often difficult without coming right out and asking him what he wants.  That takes all the surprise out of gift giving during the holiday season.  Shopping online with these awesome gifts in mind is a safe bet when looking for something different this year that your outdoor adventurer will love.

Many hikers and survival campers often forgo the comfort of a chair on their travels as they are too cumbersome and heavy. They leave comfort behind and settle for wet logs and hard rocks.  This does not have to be the case anymore.  There are many lightweight aluminum camping chairs that have been developed recently that fold up and condense compactly to add into your backpack.  Perfect for any backwoods camper looking to relax and keep their bottoms dry while enjoying a backwoods campfire.

Another present that is often well received is a good looking, comfortable pair of socks that are made to keep your feet dry and warm on their next adventure.  Purchase a pair of socks that offer natural wicking and odor resistance to help preserve the ambiance around that camp from being filled with rotten foot aroma. 

Give the gift of warmth this year when you purchase a high quality fleece coat to help keep them warm while they are out fishing, climbing or on their next hiking adventure.  A classic fleece coat with a warm lining and water repellent treatment is better than most anything you can buy an outdoorsman.  Keeping warm is something that every adventurer treasures.

A solid rolling cooler is another option in gift giving that is useful and important in adventures of all kinds.  From tailgating to winter camping an insulated foam cooler that can take a beating and maintain food and drink integrity is something to celebrate.  Find a cooler with oversized wheels to help hauling it around easier. 

Backwoods adventures always cherish the gift of updated tools.  Purchase a treasure kit filled with 
navigational tools that help for wilderness survival.  Multi-tool knife sets are incredibly useful and can be useful whether you are navigating the wilderness.  Tools are provided to open cans, eat, carve, tweezers and more.  A few more items to add to this tool box would be a mini led flashlight, magnesium fire starter, a mini compass and a small roll of duct tape.  This can all be stored easily on one small key ring and added to the outside of any backpack. 

This is just a few schools of thought when it comes to purchasing Christmas gifts that are unique and require out of the box thinking in gift giving. is an online retailer specializing in a variety of specialty knives including top brands such as Zero Tolerance, Boker Tree Knives, W.R. Case Knives and more.  For more information or to purchase a variety of knives online find us at

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Essential Survival Gear For Your Next Outdoor Adventure

When it comes to packing for your next outdoor adventure what will be the first thing you add to your backpack?  No matter what type of adventure I am about to embark upon be it camping, hunting, fishing or just a good long hike there are a few essentials I look to carry with me.  It never ceases to amaze me when people are sharing their stories of survival how quick an innocent journey turned into a fight for life.
The first and most essential item that I pack no matter how short or long my expedition is planned for I take a solid knife, actually knives.  I always pack a solid fixed blade knife along with a multi-tool pocket knife.  For any outdoorsman it is crucial to have a tool that can cut anything and everything from string to sticks.  It is important to take more than a simple pocket knife on any voyage because a pocket knife is not strong enough for all that will need to be tackled if you are in survival mode.
There are several types of outdoor knives including fixed blade knives of all sizes, pocket knives with a variety of blade types and sizes and large chopping and slicing blades.  All play a different role in their ability to assist in surviving the great wilderness.  Consider the quest you are on and packing accordingly.  An outdoor hike with the family might be the perfect place to only pack a small to medium size pocket knife.  If you are going on an exciting quest set to send you in a remote area that you have not traveled before take a large fixed blade knife and a medium sized multi-tool pocket knife.
Besides packing a knife or two I always pack paracord.  It is the perfect tool to allow you to make emergency repairs, rough it in the great wilderness, fishing and most importantly first aid.  Emergency repairs such as replacing a shoelace, creating a tow rope, tying up your kayak, or keeping your food up off the ground away from bears.
Paracord is a useful tool when roughing it outdoors.  It allows a simple tarp or poncho to be tied up creating a canopy that will keep you dry.  The cord is also useful in creating traps to help hunt food or even to weave together logs and sticks to create a raft if the environment calls for it.  Paracord can help outdoorsman of a variety of skill levels to create fire when used to create a bow drill.  You can also use paracord to make snow shoes.  It is a jack of all trades type of tool when exploring the outdoors.
Something many people forget about is that the need for first aid can arise at any time.  Paracord can be used to tie two straight sticks around a broken arm or leg to create a splint or even to tie a sling to keep your arm in place.   If you are losing blood, paracord is a great tool for creating a tourniquet.
It is obvious why paracord, a fixed knife and a multi-tool pocket knife are the first things I like to pack in my pouch to carry with me on all of my great outdoor adventures. is an online retailer specializing in a variety of specialty knives including top brands such as Zero Tolerance, Boker Tree Knives, W.R. Case Knives and more.  For more information or to purchase a variety of knives online find us at

Choosing Between A Fixed Blade and Locking Knife

There are two main types of knives that everyday people need. It doesn't matter if you are out on a hunting adventure, a camping excursion or simply taking on day to day chores a quality, well-constructed knife is not only convenient but necessary. The two main types of knives have nothing else in common with one another except that they both have the capability to cut. Fixed blade knives and folding knives are completely different in the tasks that they perform.
Depending on what you are looking for and what the knife will be used for will decide what type of knife you choose. If you are looking for a one piece tool that will last a lifetime consider the purchase of a fixed blade knife. You will find that fixed blade knives come in a variety of sizes as well as with an assortment of blade lengths. With a fixed blade there are no folding parts to concern yourself with. The only issue is that in order to safely transport the blade it must rest in a sturdy sheath.
The benefits of purchasing a fixed blade knife are plentiful. One obvious advantage is the ease of cleaning. The knife is one continuous piece, this is helpful in preventing debris from being tangled with in the folding handle. The blade strength of a fixed blade knife is stronger than that of folding knives as well. With fixed blade knives it is also possible to interchange the blades in order to perform a variety of functions.
There are also major benefits that come along with purchasing and carrying a folding knife. The most obvious being that folding knives are convenient to take with you in a pocket or actually anywhere for that matter. The blade flips to store directly inside the knives handle. This is the most common type of knife that people own today. It cannot only be used as a self-defense weapon when needed but most commonly a usable tool.
There are also options within the category of folding knives including lockback knives, linerlocking knives and pocket knives. Lock-back and liner-lock knives are made for easy one handed use. The knife offers additional safety with the locking mechanism that holds the blade in place while it is in use. Pocket knives are more compact then other types of locking knives. They also tend to be more functional for everyday use.
No matter what type of knife you choose to carry with you or to use as your tool of choice it is important that you choose one made from quality materials. Spend time looking at the mechanics of a locking knife, if this is the type you choose. This is the point at which many folding knives fail to compare with the strength that is provided with a fixed blade knife. is an online retailer specializing in a variety of specialty knives including top brands such as Zero Tolerance, Boker Tree Knives, W.R. Case Knives and more. For more information or to purchase a variety of knives online find us at

Tips On Finding A Tactical Fixed Blade Knife

Every task in life needs special tools unique for the duties they perform.  This could never be truer than when it comes to hunting, fishing, camping, hiking or other outdoor activities.  With the right tools and equipment tasks becomes safer and easier to accomplish.  A tactical fixed blade knife is one of those tools that makes every outdoor chore simpler.  When it comes to hunting choosing the right knife can mean the difference between an enjoyable excursion and one in which you will be doing a whole lot of unnecessary work.   Here are some things to take into account when adding to your outdoor tool box.
When you are looking into purchasing tools for your next adventure consider what you will be use the tactical fixed blade knife for.  If you are looking for a knife to assist in preparing your game while in the field you will be do best choosing one with a very sharp, serrated blade.  Look for a long, thick blade when making your purchase because they work well and work to easily process game.
If you are looking for a tactical fixed blade knife to add to your camping and outdoor survival pack look for one with a smooth blade or one that is partially serrated.  A knife blade with a smooth edge is ideal for cutting ropes while the serrated blade will make slicing meat into easy to cook pieces.  On a camping trip you are looking for a knife that is versatile. Purchasing one perfect knife will help to keep your packing to a minimum.
Another thing to consider when you are looking to purchase a fixed blade knife is the handle.  You will want to find a knife with a handle that fits comfortably into the palm of your hand.  This may not be something you will necessarily think about when sitting around the campfire but it is essential when you are field dressing game.
Think about giving a fixed blade tactical knife as a gift.  How often does it happen that you don’t know what to purchase the man that has everything?  If you are looking for a great gift idea for the hunter, fisherman or camping guru look into purchasing a fixed blade knife.  It is truly one gift that you can take on any outdoor travels that will actually be put to good use on each and every adventure.
Whether purchasing a knife for yourself or as a gift looking into purchasing top brand name knife with a proven track record.  Purchasing knives and outdoor gear online is one way to save yourself a bunch of money when looking to improve upon your survival tool box. is an online knife retailer specializing in a variety of specialty knives including top brands such as Zero Tolerance, Boker Tree Knives, W.R. Case Knives and more.  For more information or to purchase a variety of knives online find us at

Monday, September 29, 2014

Top 5 Shelter Building Survival Tools

We spend so much time inside climate controlled houses, shopping malls and workplaces that we forget our lives are possible only within the span of 9 degrees.

From 95°F up to 104° F is the very narrow range of internal body temperatures we can withstand before we get into serious, life-threatening trouble.

That’s why every survival expert puts shelter at the very top of the list to make it through any emergency. If you don’t take shelter, it won’t matter how much other survival gear you might have on hand. The undeniable truth is that without our clothing, tools and technology, we are fragile creatures who can quickly perish because of what might seem like relatively minor changes in weather and temperature.

If your core temperature drops below 95° F – less than 4° below the healthy normal of 98.6° – you slip into hypothermia, which can quickly kill you. The weather doesn’t have to be cold for you to fall victim to hypothermia, either. With just a little bit of a breeze, especially if your skin is already wet with sweat from exertion, or from a tumble into a stream or pond, what feels like a warm day can quickly become a life-threatening situation.

Likewise, overexposure to strong sun and high temperatures can also kill us. Heat stroke happens when your body temperature rises only about 5.4° to around 104° F. Heat stroke can kill us even more rapidly than hypothermia.
Having a few shelter-building tools on hand can help you protect yourself against both hypothermia and heat stroke. I’ve compiled a list, and arranged them in ascending order. I’m assuming that you already have proper clothing for whatever outdoor activity you’re engaging in. I’m also assuming that you already slipped a cigarette lighter or waterproof matches or some other fire-making tool into your pocket or pack and have made some provision for drinking water.

But here is my list of Top 5 Shelter Building Tools.

Folding shovels are wonderful pieces of kit for surviving in the field. There are reasons why militaries have issued shovels to troops for literally thousands of years, going back to the Romans. Workable folding shovels – or entrenching tools – have been available since around WWI.

For outdoor survival, a packable, light-but strong-shovel is incredibly versatile. If you’re in deep snow, such a tool can help you dig a snow cave, or snow shelter around the base of an evergreen tree. In a hot dry environment, it can help you dig a depression to get out of the sun and wind, maybe even find water beneath a dry streambed.

With a small shovel, you can reconfigure the dirt floor of your shelter into a comfy bed; dig a fire pit, or a sanitary latrine. You can solve drainage problems, kill snakes, even cut small brush and bushes with a sturdy shovel.
A good friend of mine who’s an Eagle Scout likes to say, “If you’ve got a shovel, you’ve got civilization.”

Be sure to get a good, high-quality shovel. Another friend of mine once bought a cheap one from an online retailer. The very first time we took it into the field, and tried to dig worms for fish bait underneath an old cow patty, that cheap shovel folded up like a foil gum wrapper. Good thing we weren’t in a real emergency situation with that piece of junk.

#4) Tomahawk or Hatchet with Hammer Poll

Tomahawks or hatchets are also incredible survival tools. They pack a lot of power into a relatively small package that you can wear on your belt, tie to your pack, or easily carry around in your hand. The sharp edge of the hatchet combines with the length of the handle and the weight of the metal head to give you great cutting and striking power. Such tools make it easy to cut poles and stakes for shelter building. If you get a tomahawk or a hatchet with a hammer poll on the back side, you can easily drive stakes into the ground to secure tents, or the edges of your lean-to.

 Evergreen boughs instantly become the thatching for a lean-to. You can easily chop firewood. It’s also a good self defense tool. You can use such a tool to cut brush, clear a trail, mark trees to help searchers find you, clean game and break down animals the size of deer into manageable pieces. Like a folding shovel, the uses of a hammer poll tomahawk or hatchet are almost limitless.

You should never leave the house without a knife and a way to make fire. If you’re depending on the knife to potentially save your life in a survival situation, make sure you pick a good quality blade. Look at a lock blade knife like the Spyderco Endura 4 Wave Plain Edge Folding Knife, or fixed blade knife like the Rothco G.I. Pilots Survival Knife that come with good sheaths.
Knives are probably humanity’s oldest tool, starting with a sharp flake of flint, obsidian or some similar stone. A good knife offers a lot of the same versatility as a hatchet, but in a smaller, more-controllable package. While the hatchet will split wood more easily, you can actually split small logs with a knife using a technique called “batoning.” You get the edge into the small log, and use another chunk of wood – the baton – to beat the blade down the length of the piece of wood you’re trying to split.

You can do so many things with a good knife, that there’s just no excuse for not having one on you all the time. If you’re serious about being prepared, you’ll probably have several knives with you, in your pockets, in your packs, glove compartments and bugout bags. If you decide to not have a folding shovel and a hatchet, at least make sure you have a knife.

#2) String 

You can find lots of survival and primitive skills classes that will teach you traditional, ancient methods for making cordage. It’s a great skill to have. But modern cordage is so abundant and easy to get that there’s really no excuse for not having at least a hundred feet or so in your gear. If you don’t have a shovel or hatchet, or even somehow forgot to bring along a knife, you can still make a shelter with enough good string or cordage.

Run a length of string between two trees, and then drape a sheet of plastic over it and you’ve got an instant shelter. If you don’t have a piece of plastic or tarp, lean sticks against the line to form a structure Just about any string strong enough to support the weight will work. Heavy test monofilament fishing line, 550 Para cord, even a package of cheap nylon rope from a big-box store can become the central support for an instant shelter.
If you have more time, or brought some of those other tools with you, you can lash lengths of wood together to make a more solid frame structure.

Even if you don’t have a shovel or a hatchet, forgot your knife and didn’t bring any string, if you have a military surplus poncho or a tarp, you still have shelter. Many military surplus ponchos were designed as shelter halves, and have reinforced grommets made to accept tie downs or small stakes to secure them in place. Tarps also usually have reinforced grommets for tie-downs and work great as a tent or screen. Both ponchos and tarps also function as ground covers to insulate you against cold wet earth.

If all you can do is find a spot where you can lay one piece of dead wood between the branches of adjoining bushes, drape your poncho or tarp over it, stake down the edges with other sticks or even heavy rocks, and you’ve got shelter. If you can’t do that, just wrap the poncho or tarp around you for wearable shelter. If you buy a military surplus poncho, try to also get a poncho liner to go with it.

Poncho liners, sometimes called woobie blankets, add a layer of efficient insulation and padding, and really improve the heat-holding abilities. A poncho plus a woobie makes a very workable improvised sleeping blanket or bedroll. You can buy specialized survival tarps like the Sport Utility Blanket at Brownells, or even pack some heavy-duty trashbags in your kit to help you retain heat better.

It Can Save Your Life

We’ve all probably heard that it takes about 40 days to starve without food, and that we can live only about three days without any water. But just getting too hot or too cold can kill us within minutes, long before we’d have time to feel hunger or thirst. Having the knowledge and the tools to protect yourself against heat and cold is an absolute requirement if you plan to survive any sort of emergency.

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Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Survival Knife Is A Versatile Backwoods Tool

If you’re headed into the woods, you should have a knife. Widely regarded as the single most important survival tool for those who venture into the wilderness, a quality knife sits on the top of any reputable backcountry packing list.
survival knife generally has a single, fixed blade. Folding knives can be used in many of the same ways but are not as strong or durable as fixed blades. Many hunting knives can serve dual purpose as a survival knife although they tend to be lighter and a bit less durable.
Choose a good quality survival knife with a full tang (the blade metal extends through the handle), high carbon or other hard, durable steel that holds an edge, and a simple, no-frills design. A drop point (4” to 6” long) is the most common blade on survival knives.
survival knife is one of the best tools in the outdoors. Here’s why.
Building tools — A survival knife is a great tool in itself, but it can be used to make so much more. Need a spear? Simply sharpen a stick into a point, then split the point into four by driving the knife down and into the sharpened stick. Split the points by wedging a rock between the four points and you’ve got a great spear for catching small game and fish.
Making a spear is as easy as 1, 2, 3
Speer 1
But don’t be dumb and lash your knife onto a stick. That’s the best way to lose your most important tool! Never throw your knife, whether it’s attached to a stick or not.
Fishhooks, traps and much more can be whittled from wood. Really need a projectile? Use your knife and some parachute cord to fashion a bow from a sapling!
Cutting wood – A big, strong knife can take the place of a hatchet for cutting branches and splitting modest-size wood down into kindling. Hold the knife against the surface to be cut, and hit the back of the blade with a branch a little bigger around than a broomstick. Just be careful not to hit your hand! Also, make sure the knife is pointed away from your body and doesn’t swing down into your leg after you whack it.
We document wood splitting with a knife in detail at the post “How To Make Firewood With A Survival Knife.”
knife 2
Fire starting material – Stripping bark off a tree or log, peeling birch bark or shaving dry branches is easy with a survival knife.
Make fire – A ferrocerium rod and knife make for a potent fire starter with super hot sparks. Cast them onto well prepared tinder (or better yet a Vaseline-soaked cotton ball) to build a blaze. This is a great backup technique but not a replacement for matches for daily fire starting. It’s also good to practice before emergency strikes.
Digging – It’s not great for a knife, but in a pinch they will dig like crazy. Find grubs by ripping up old logs and stumps for emergency food (ick, but full of fatty calories) or bait (much better!) or dig yourself a potty hole. If hiking many miles in the woods, a knife makes a lot more sense to carry than a shovel.
Shelter construction — To build a lean-to or other shelter, you’ll need to cut some branches and boughs off trees. Start by chopping evergreen boughs on the ground for padding then build your lean-to over them with a few stout branches as a frame. More boughs and leafy branches (palm fronds in the tropics) will make shelter from the rain and cold winds.
As a stake – Definitely not an ideal use, but if you REALLY need a stake, you can pound the knife into the ground or a tree branch to anchor whatever really important item needs staking. Better yet, use the knife to fashion a stake from a tree branch.
First Aid – Cut material into strips for bandages or tourniquets. Cut branches into splints. Cut apart packs for material to build a litter. Ingenuity and a strong knife go a long way in an emergency.
Hitting things – Break windows in an emergency or hammer nails or stakes with the pommel of the handle. Just put the sheath on for safety first!
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Getting To Know And Understand A Variety Of Knife Styles

Knives have been a part of our society from the very beginning of time.  Stones were made into knife blades by our early ancestors.  A knife is a tool that is diverse and that is used for a variety of functions.  Now a day’s knives are made from a variety of different metals but their uses remain the same.  A knife is a hand-held piece of equipment that serves different purposes.   What knife you choose is dependent on what you purpose the knife needs to serve.
Common All Purpose Knives
The most commonly purchased knife is one that can serve a variety of purposes.  One type of all purpose knives is a pocket knife.  Pocket knives are great all-purpose tools and store within themselves for ease of use and carrying.  It works on opening boxes, cutting ropes, slicing apples, opening letters or for a weapon if needed.
Switch blade knives or knives with retractable blades are another common option in commonly carried all purpose knives.  With retractable blades the knife blade retracts into the handle so that it is safely stored when not in use.  Most knives with retractable blades or even switch blade knives are good for any typical cutting jobs.  The knife handle can be made from an assortment of materials including plastic, wood, bone or more.
Fixed blade knives also are common for all purpose knives.  A blade that is fixed is typically more stable than a retractable or folding blade.  As with switch blades and retractable knives the handle can be made from a diverse selection of materials.
Kitchen Cutlery and Cooking Knives
All kitchen knives serve their own purpose.  Cutlery is designed to take on specific job in the kitchen.  There are knives for all different purposes such as bread knives, fillet knives, paring knives, chef knives and more.  Most cooking knives have thinner pliable, longer blades.  The blade is not nearly as strong as the blade on a utility knife.  Cutlery is thinner and allows for easier use to slice meat and work within the kitchen.
Combat Knives
Knives used for combat are larger and made from a variety of strong metal alloys.  They are suitable for cutting tough objects and are often used by the military as a general tool to carry as well as extra weaponry.   The larger, longer blade with the heavier handle is incredibly difficult for precise cutting or for cutting on small objects.  They are better used for heavy duty needs.
A knife is handy no matter what you do in life.   They are used for a variety of purposes and depending on what you need the knife for will depend on which type of knife you choose to purchase.  It is important not to limit yourself when it comes to buying a knife. 

Choosing Ceramic Cutlery For Your Kitchen Knives

Top notch ceramic cutlery has become the latest obsession in kitchen accessories.  If you watch cooking shows on television you will see many professional chefs using ceramic knives.  In the culinary field ceramic knives are an essential accessory for all kitchens even novice cooks.  As with all tools there is a special purpose for each knife.  There are knives for cutting meat, dicing vegetables and slicing fruit.  Ceramic cutlery is well known for retaining a sharp edge and is made from zirconium oxide.  There are several advantages to purchasing ceramic knives as well as some disadvantages.  Continue reading for more information to help you make an educated decision before investing in knives for your kitchen.
Ceramic Knives: The Advantages Of Ceramic Kitchen Cutlery
  • In comparison to steel kitchen knives, ceramic is known for retaining a sharp edge for months especially if cared for properly and used sensibly.
  • Another advantage is how user friendly, light weight and safe ceramic knives are in comparison to steel knives.
  • If you are looking for a non-corrosive option in cutlery that is stain proof these knives are the way to go.  For chefs and cooks these two options make ceramic a no-brainer over steel for professionals throughout the industry.
  • Ceramic knives are easy to clean.  Ceramic is easy provides a non-stick surface that is non-reactive making it easy to clean up after a long day of cutting, slicing and dicing.
Ceramic Cutlery: The Disadvantages Of Ceramic Kitchen Knives
  • Zirconium oxide is an expensive material therefore ceramic knives are a pricier option over there steel counterparts.  If you are looking to buy ceramic knives purchasing a block set may be a way to cut the cost.
  • Another disadvantage of ceramic is that it tends to be a bit fragile.  They are not a good choice when it comes to cutting bones off of meat or other hard materials.  Just because ceramic knives are fragile does not mean they aren’t tough enough to do most any job you need them to do in the kitchen.  They will not shatter but again caution should be shown when cutting tough bone.
  • Ceramic blades are breakable.  This is another inconvenience of ceramic knives.  Be careful when applying pressure to knife, handle them with care and use them for cutting softer foods.
  • It is also important to note that ceramic, once dull, is not easily sharpened.  In order to sharpen ceramic knives you must send it in to the manufacturer as sharpening ceramic at home is difficult and not advisable.
When looking for cutlery, ceramic is a highly efficient, useable material for kitchen knives and accessories.  Look online for deals that can make shopping for your kitchen knives affordable. 

Choosing The Right Blade For Your Next Knife Purchase

There are several types of knife blades to choose from with advantages and disadvantages to both.  There are blades for every purpose including skinning animals, opening boxes, cutting tree limbs and many more.  Below we will look at the varieties of knife blade shapes and the different uses for each to determine which blade the best is for your needs.
The clip point blade is incredibly popular on knives that are sold today including pocket knives, fixed blade knives and bowie knives.  The knife has one sharp side and one dull side that run from the handle of the knife down to the point.  The point can either be straight or curved and is referred to as the clip.  The advantage of a clip point blade is that the point is controllable and extremely sharp.  They are good for piercing as well as for slicing.  The one disadvantage of the clip point blade is that the pointy blade is narrow and tends to be weaker than on other types of knife blades.
Another all purpose knife that is popular for all types of knives including hunting knives.  The drop point is more popular for hunting because the point is easily controlled and can be maneuvered around internal organs to avoid nicking them.  The back of the knife is similar to the clip point in that the unsharpened edge runs the length of the knife with a slow curve.  The disadvantage of the drop point blade is that it is not as sharp as the clip point therefore a less suitable option for piercing.  The advantage however is that it is strong, controllable and offers a large amount of blade for slicing.
A tanto point blade is comprised of a high point with a flat grind that leads into a strong point.  The front edge meets the back unsharpened edge on an angle instead of a curve.  There is no belly area on a tanto point blade which is a disadvantage but instead has a stronger tip.  It is not necessarily the best option in knife blades for a general utility knife but if looking for a strong point that is really good for piercing hard materials the tanto blade is a perfect option.
A sheepfoot blade is a great option for cutting and slicing when a point is not needed.  The sheepfoot blade shape is typical for santoku chef’s knives.  The blade has a sharp front edge with a dull spine that curves to meet the straight edge creating a false point.  For a controllable, clean slicing knife without a point the sheepsfoot is a great option.  The fact that there is no point can be seen as a disadvantage.
If you are looking for a lightweight knife that is good for use skinning and filleting the trailing point blade is the best option.  The back edge of the knife curves upward and the blade has a large curved cutting area that works for slicing and skinning.  The high point is out of the way which is an advantage of the blade is but the point on the trailing point is weaker than other blade options.
There are several other different blade types to choose from depending on what you are looking for.  If none of the blades above fit the need consider looking into the spear point blade, gut hook blade or other options in knife blades.

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Case Knives ~ 125th Anniversary!

Case knives celebrates 125th anniversary

BRADFORD, PA: W.R. Case & Sons Cutlery Co. is coming to the Museum of Appalachia (Norris, TN), Saturday, August 16 from 7 a.m.-3 p.m.

W.R. Case & Sons Cutlery Company, an American manufacturer of premium quality knives, proudly celebrates 125 years of award-winning hand-craftsmanship, small-town heritage and time-honored tradition. The company’s rich history began in 1889 when the four Case Brothers began fashioning knives and selling them along a wagon trail in Upstate New York. Like each knife manufactured at the Case factory, the 125th landmark is a testament to the hundreds of dedicated artisans who have helped Case knives reach the moon, the White House and into the hearts of famous dignitaries, soldiers and celebrities throughout history. Case’s focus on quality is evident in the 125 pairs of hands that it takes to create just one knife. The company’s commitment to American hand-crafting is part of a work ethic that resonates with the countless hard-working Americans who have made giving Case knives part of a family tradition that spans generations.

“The 125th Anniversary milestone is proof of this company’s resilience and we look forward to celebrating a new era at Case Cutlery with Case collectors, fans and employees,” said John Sullivan, Director of Marketing, W.R. Case & Sons Cutlery Company. “We’ve prevailed for 125 years, through times where much of the knife industry was in a state of flux. We’re proud to be one of the nation’s leading manufacturers and are fully committed to retaining our brand’s position as the frontrunner in traditional, hand-crafted knives.”

This is Case’s opportunity to give new fans and dedicated members of the Case Collectors Club an unforgettable experience. The 125th Anniversary Celebration will give Club members and guests the chance to greet old friends, meet some new ones, share stories and experiences of Case knife collecting, see lots of Case knives, and maybe even find a few to take home.

Pre-registered participants attending the event are eligible to preregister to receive 1 of just 200 limited-edition Case 125th Anniversary Reunion Commemorative CopperLock® knives.

Other events going on during the Tennessee event:
Collector Knife Swap
Grand Collectors Auction
Case Junior Academy
Autograph signings
Bubba Gum Blowing Contest
Case Knife Sharpening and Polishing
Knife Appraisals
Apple Pealing Contest
Collector Trading

To further this commitment, Case Cutlery’s parent company, Zippo Manufacturing Company, is investing nearly $10 million toward renovating their Bradford, Pa., factory. The renovations, which are currently underway and expected to finish by the end of 2015, include a complete remodeling of the Case Cutlery factory that was originally constructed in 1975, including new equipment and floor configurations that will allow better efficiency, productivity and quality without affecting the hand-craftsmanship that goes into every Case knife. The company’s current location is its third manufacturing facility in Bradford since 1905.

An updated approach to more efficient manufacturing has successfully landed more Case knives into more retail stores. In addition to the more than 2,000 Case Authorized Dealers across the country that regularly carry Case knives, popular outdoor-themed chains like Cabela’s, Bass Pro, Field & Stream, Dick’s Sporting Goods, Tractor Supply Stores, Sportsman’s Warehouse, REI, Academy Sports + Outdoors and Costco are also recognizing the value-added sales that Case knives bring within a small retail footprint. Case knives are also sold online through Case-exclusive e-tailers and on

knife 1Case products range from the classic patterns like the Case Trapper, Stockman, Peanut and Tiny Toothpick that are meant for everyday use to collectables, mint sets and commemoratives that adorn man caves and living room walls across America.

“Zippo acquired W.R. Case & Sons Cutlery Company in 1993 and we are very proud of what we have been able to achieve in the last 20 years by bringing these two iconic brands together,” said Greg Booth, CEO, Zippo/W.R. Case & Sons Cutlery Company. “With Case, our current focus is on improving efficiency, which we hope to achieve with this new investment, and drive future innovation and new product development.”

With a refurbished outlook on the future, Case looks towards an increased ability to revive classic styles and create new designs. Case is planning to roll out a World War II V-42 Stiletto reproduction model in 2015, an idea that’s been highly anticipated by America’s servicemen and women as well as Case collectors. Case knives and the American military have gone hand-in-hand for decades, as far back as World War I, when the U.S. government called on Case to make military knives for American servicemen and women. Later, during World War II, Case manufactured the first-ever V-42 Stiletto, issued to the legendary First Special Service Force (1st SSF, aka Devil’s Brigade).

In addition, Case’s future plans include working with leaders from the custom knife market like the legendary Tony Bose, who will help Case launch the 2015 Case collaborative Cattleman’s Knife. Case has worked with Tony and other industry master craftsmen for years to offer fans, collectors and enthusiasts “closest-to-custom” knife designs they might not otherwise be able to obtain.

While new designs for everyday use and traditional favorites for outdoor enthusiasts spur its climbing sales growth, Case’s collectability, seasonal editions and licensing agreements continue to help drive year-over-year growth. Case’s collectability is attributed to the unique tang stamp dating system that was introduced during the company’s infancy. Using this system, today’s collectors can easily identify and ascertain the manufacturing date of almost any Case knife, thereby raising the knives’ intrinsic value. The brand’s popularity is further underscored by the knives it manufactures under licensing agreements with popular American icons such as Harley-Davidson®, Boy Scouts of America®, United States Marine Corps®, Ducks Unlimited®, John Deere™, John Wayne® (Wayne Enterprises) and Matt Hughes.

The Rich History of W.R. Case & Sons Cutlery Company

1886-1930: The Case family pioneered much of the development of early American knife manufacturing and aided in the creation of eleven different knife companies which sprung up in Western New York & Western PA. Some of the more famous names include: Case Brothers Cutlery Co., Cattaraugus Cutlery Co., and Crandall Cutlery Co.
1905: Russell Case, founder of W.R. Case & Sons Cutlery Co., relocates his headquarters and manufacturing from Little Valley, NY to Bradford, PA.
1914: Russell Case purchases the now famous Tested XX trademark.
1930’s:  Case provided throwing knives for Barnum & Bailey circus acts. The ‘Greatest Show on Earth’ first toured America in 1888.
1942: Case releases the V-42 Stilleto to the first U.S. Special Forces (aka the Devil’s Brigade).
1953: 1961: While in the White House, Dwight D. Eisenhower regularly bought Case knives to give as gifts to dignitaries and friends. Years later, Case presented a custom hunting knife to our nation’s 40th President and Case enthusiast, Ronald Reagan.
1965: Case broke through the stratosphere when a Case survival knife accompanied astronauts on the Gemini III mission. The ‘M-1’ design would later accompany astronauts on all Gemini and Apollo missions thereafter.
1981: Case forms the Case Collectors Club, the largest association of knife collectors in the world. The Club currently boasts 19,000 members.
1993: Zippo Manufacturing Co. purchases W.R. Case & Sons Cutlery Co.
2005: A 1920’s-era Case Congress Knife broke a world auction record for sale of a factory made knife with a winning bid of $14,300 in Pigeon Forge, Tennessee.
For more information on W.R. Case & Sons Cutlery Company, and for a list of retailers, please visit

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