Friday, October 11, 2013

The Benefits of A Good Kitchen Cutlery Set

The worst part about cooking is not having a good set of kitchen cutlery.  I never knew this was an issue until we received a Forschner Six Piece Kitchen Knife Block Set for a wedding gift.  At first I didn’t understand the magnitude of this gift.  I thought, to be completely honest, that it was a sign for things to come in our marriage.  Heck when the in-laws give you a knife set what else are you to think?  This gift however has changed my relationship with cooking forever.

Once I used the new cutlery and realized how easy they made cutting meat and vegetables I was hooked.  My biggest pet peeve before the new knives was cutting the fat off of the meat.  It was never easy and always involved me cutting myself.  With the new block set I had a knife for everything without washing in between.  I could cut chicken on one board, veggies on another and have one for cutting the dessert!

I was a novice before.  I had one knife for pairing, cutting, chopping and for the cutting meat at the table.  After I was done I would throw it in the dishwasher to get it good and sterile and the process would begin again.  When I received the new kitchen cutlery I learned there is something about caring for knives that cannot be taken lightly.  Caring for the knives will make them last longer and work properly.

The storage block has become a center piece next to my stove. It properly houses the clean, dry knives ensuring the sharp edges and knife points are not exposed.  The block also protects the knives as well and is a great storage piece as well as incredibly sharp to look at.  My storage block is made out of Oak.

I find myself hand washing these knives.  I do not soak them in water ever.  The handles are made of strong, durable wood however I don’t want to risk the chance of them losing their beautiful finish.  I also dry them right away.  When you don’t properly wash and dry them your kitchen cutlery will show signs of oxidization and slight surface rust.  Not attractive for cook wear.

Knives should be used on proper cutting surfaces.  A good quality cutting board will prolong the knives blade and keep it sharper longer.  With that being said a quality cutlery set will come with a knife sharpener.  Take time to learn how to properly use the sharpener to create a sharp cutting edge.  Improper sharpening will decrease the life of your cutlery set.

A good kitchen cutlery set will cost upwards of two hundred dollars.  You will find you get what you pay for.  Remember that a starting cutlery bock set is just that a start to your kitchen knives.  Overtime your set will grow to include pieces that are used at the dining table and more formal settings.  You will find yourself interested in special knives for cheeses, breads and meats; appetizer knives.   Another cutlery piece I love is my Sabatier kitchen shears!  I recommend you purchase a pair right away.  Scissors ease cutting in biscuits ten-fold over a kitchen knife.

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